This is the ultimate answer for small business owners who feel stuck. Those corporate renegades who’re ready and raring to go (and then grow). And the forever-impressive female CEOs. Because it’s not just about getting by; it’s about getting noticed.

I’m Nicole Evans, the ace designer & hardcore developer who won’t just turn your website into a class act—but propel it into its own class, altogether. Raising the bar. Raising your profits. And raising your confidence in closing the deal.

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When we collaborate, you’ll go from hearing crickets on your site to creating hardcore fans.

After all, it’s my rare combo of graphic design knowhow and development prowess that delivers results, ROI, and an envy-worthy web presence that puts the power and control right where it belongs—back in the hands of your business.

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Total Revamp

Think: A total website (re)design, left in the hands of the pros. Because the only thing better than a stunning new site is a stunning new site that’s completely stress-free.

You know your site needs to look professional, and you’re ready to hand it over to someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. (That’s where I come in.) Over the course of 3-4 weeks, you’ll get equipped with 1 premium StudioPress theme for WordPress, custom colors, font customization with up to 3 different fonts, a head-turning header design, seamless logo integration, background customization, homepage setup, blog set up, and the design of up to 5 static pages. This is fine-tuning at its finest.

Schedule Your Session - $2000

Tailor Made

Think: The one-stop solution for complete web design, web development, and brand creation from (nearly) scratch. We'll dig deep into you, your business & your ideal client so you can stop fretting, and start connecting.

Starting with nothing more than an idea, a few pics, and some web copy, this package includes everything you need for a jaw-dropping web presence—without the cringe-inducing high price tag. Using you and your goals as the foundation, we’ll cover all things brand-related so you can breathe easy. With available add-on features like e-commerce and online course setup, this is the entire kit & caboodle. Instead of bouncing around between designers, developers, and branding agencies, Tailor Made lets you buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Inquire for more info - $6000+

Train in WordPress

Think: A completely comprehensive (and totally accessible) DIY guide that gets you ready to build your own Wordpress siteall without stress barfs or server crashes.

Rather than relying on that unresponsive developer or sub-par designer you hired back in ‘97, this self-study DIY workshop shows you how to really build and maintain your business’ Wordpress site without worrying about accidentally destroying the internet (and your pride). Bite-sized pieces make sure there isn’t an overwhelming information overload, and self-paced mean you’ll never fall behind. The bottom line? Taking total control of your site is the start of controlling your skyrocketing sales.

Sneak peek and full product coming Spring 2016

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The Designer’s Development Course

Think: A step-by-step course that walks you through exactly how to build a website that people want to pay you (lots of) cash money for.

Instead of chucking a bunch of videos at you covering eleventy-billion different topics and leaving you to figure it out, The Designer’s Development Course is a clear and concise, 8 week course that’ll leave you ready to throw open the doors on your own design & development agency.You’ll be learning WordPress the right way. Unlike a lot of other WordPress courses, DDC doesn’t tie you down to a particular framework, and the weekly office hours + Slack community ensure you’re never left with unanswered questions. With additional perks such as lifetime access to all materials and a handy code snippet library, you’ll feel comfortable maintaining and creating nearly any Wordpress site.

Free mini-training coming Spring 2016

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Talk Shop

Think: All of the honest and helpful advice your mom would give youassuming your mom was an expert at graphic design & web development.

In an hour-long call with yours truly, we’ll look under the hood of what’s weighing on you most. From getting your product ideas online to revving up results from your site, it’s all about working through your worries and building out an action plan. After the call, your personalized PDF guidebook breaks down everything we chatted about, and tells you exactly how to make the changes. (Run into any roadblocks? Email me with follow up questions in the 7 days after our call, and we’ll clear up the confusion.)

Book My Brain! - $225

Branding / WEB Design + DEVELOPMENT

Leanne Jacobs

  • Features Logo + Style Guide, Podcast, Newsletter + Social Media Integration
  • ToolsAdobe CS, WordPress, Genesis, Gold, Mailchimp API

With her publisher gearing up to promote her new book, Leanne needed a website where people could go to learn more about her, her podcast, and her programs. Leanne’s book and advice is centered around money, so we created a brand and website that blended luxury with a glossy, high fashion vibe.

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Small Business Bodyguard

  • Features eCommerce, InfusionSoft Integration, Email Collection
  • Tools WordPress, Genesis, InfusionSoft

Small Business Bodyguard is an awesome product in the form of a beautifully designed ebook, and the site designs I was supplied with were equally gorgeous. I converted the PSDs into a Genesis-backed, mobile responsive and retina ready WordPress theme.

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Dawn Jackson Blatner

  • Features eCommerce, Media Gallery, Program Registration, Subscriptions
  • Tools WordPress, Genesis, Graffiti, WooCommerce

Dawn is a Chicago-based health coach and nutritionist who wanted to create a strong visual identity and a website that reflected her unique personality.

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DEVELOPMENT / Information architecture

Opportunity Lives

  • Features Video Series, Social Media Integration, Multilingual
  • Tools WordPress, APIs, Caffeine

A high-traffic news website needed a site build with good performance, custom plugin development, and systems for managing and displaying various types of content.

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I’ve coupled up with these clients (to name a few), improving site functionality and transforming their business into something stunning & brand spanking new.



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