The Designer’s Development Course

This is success, by design.

Think: A step-by-step course for graphic designers & development dabblers that walks you through exactly how to build a website that people want to pay you (lots of) cash money for.

Because if coding and development is blocking you from what you do bestcreating swoon-worthy content for the webDDC exists to save the day (and your profits).

Zero WordPress overwhelm. No insane tech language that’ll have you running to the nearest bar for liquid bravery. Just clean, direct instructions so you can be the master of your (web) domain in 8 weeks, flat.

Instead of chucking tons of videos at you covering eleventy-billion different topics and leaving you to figure it out, The Designer’s Development Course is a clear and concise, 8 week course that’ll leave you ready to throw open the doors on your own design & development agency.

You’ll be learning WordPress the right way. Unlike many WordPress courses, DDC doesn’t tie you down to a particular framework, and the weekly office hours + Slack community ensure you’re never left with unanswered questions.

With lifetime access to all materials and a handy code snippet library (so you can drop in exactly what you need for jaw-dropping website features like a photo slideshow  or full-screen video background ), you’ll feel comfortable maintaining and building nearly any WordPress site.

This is for you if:

  • You’re chomping at the proverbial bit (and borderline frothing at the mouth) to start your own web design business.
  • Building your own website is priority #1—but you have absolutely no idea where to start.
  • You’re already selling web design, but have to hand over the development (and part of your hard-earned cash) to someone else.
  • You’re a web designer who dreads telling clients that you don’t know how to implement something, so they’ll have to compromise on their wants.
  • Building a sophisticated solution for paying clients—or yourself—gives you the excited chills.
  • You’ve only learned to build WordPress sites using a specific framework , and now you’re ready to learn the right way. (See also: breaking free of boundaries and growing.)

DDC isn’t a good fit if:

  • You’re looking for a course on branding and web design. (Sorry, this is all about the specifics of tech.)
  • The thought of learning to code causes dizziness, stress sweats and severe boredom.*
  • You have your sights set on a computer programming degree. DDC uses WordPress to handle a lot of the heavy lifting, so while you’ll know your stuff, you won’t be recruited by MIT.
  • Plug and play is more your style.*
  • You’re not comfortable installing WordPress on your hosting, editing files is completely foreign to you, and you have no clue how to navigate your WordPress admin area. (DDC assumes you can find your way around your site host/CPanel, and WordPress backend.)*

*If any of these sound like you, keep an eye out for my DIY guide Train in WordPress coming Spring 2016.

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