When getting ready to build a new site, one of the questions we’re often asked by clients is “What content do I need to come up with?” The answer is almost always the same if you have a service-based business.

You’ll want to include a blog and/or portfolio so you can showcase your skills and expertise. And legal pages like site terms and privacy policies are a necessity. But these 5 pages are where you’re going to spend the most time writing content and obsessing over the layout, and for good reason… All 5 play a huge role in converting site visitors into new customers!

So continue reading to see 5 must-have pages for your biz site and click here for free templates that will make designing and laying out these pages a lot easier!

1. Home

Where you’re most likely to make a first impression. And you only have a few seconds, so make it count!

Start with a clear and concise tagline and have your most important information front and center, along with intros and links to other areas of your site to explore.

2. About

Typically the second most popular page on a website.

This will likely be the next page a visitor checks out after landing on your home page. Give them a sense of who you are and what makes you different from your competitors. Tell them where to go next if they want to start working with you (and don’t forget to plug your lead magnet!)

3. Services

Easy access to all of the ways someone can work with you.

Most of us skim the majority of what we read online until we find something that jumps out and grabs our attention. So make your services easy to scan by listing all of them in one place. Start with a services overview, followed by brief descriptions of your offerings and links to individual service pages with more details.

4. Sales Page

A standalone page created with one specific purpose – secure the sale.

This is where you go into detail about a particular service and provide testimonials, FAQs, and info on next steps. Have as few outside distractions as possible – so no unrelated opt-ins or social media links. The only buttons should be ones that take visitors to an order or contact page.

5. Contact

Where you provide all of the different ways visitors can get in touch with you.

It’s best to keep this page simple and get straight to the point. Include contact info, social links and a contact form.

In addition to a contact page, you could decide to have your email and phone number in the footer of every page on your website.

Ready to create your must-have website pages?

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